Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reviews are in!

Reviews are in for Second Chances!

Coffee Time Romance Reviews...
I really liked Kristin from the beginning. She has had a lot to deal with in her life, an absent father, a hateful mother, and a wonderful husband who died too young. Now she is starting over and beginning to make a success of her gallery. She has two very good friends who support her in her work and private life. Then she meets David; his character is likeable, but I kept wishing he would grow a spine. He lets Sophie walk all over him and almost destroy Kristin both personally and professionally. Most importantly, all of the sacrifices in the relationship were Kristin's, so unfair. I was happy she stood up for herself. Sophie's nickname from Ingrid, 'Psycho Sophie' suits her perfectly. The plot as well as the characters kept me hooked and I could not wait for the next twist. I love a strong heroine and Kristin was all that I could want and more. She really made this story and Ingrid is the epitome of a best friend.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Four Cups - Outstanding Great Read

Jennifer at bookverse.blogspot.com...
A great e-book, one I will put on my virtual keeper shelf! After finishing it, all I wanted to do was read it over. The story is beautiful, the characters are described so well that you can easily see them in your mind's eye. And anyone who read this book will want a Scottsman of their own. I know I do. So I say, get your butts in gear and buy Second Chances!

Five Stars

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