Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Contest Winners and Nano Results

November came and went with a flurry of writing activity for me. Did I make the 50K goal?

Alas, no.

However, I finished my YA novella and sent it to the editor for consideration, and I wrote a m/m novella and sent it to a submissions call. Both were goals I wanted to at least make for Nano. I think my total word count ended up around 25k for the month. Half of what was expected, but a personal best for me. I'm now knee-deep in edits for number two of my YA series, and getting excited for my Wild Rose Press release January fifth.

I hosted a contest in November to give thanks to all the folks that are members of my site and followers of my blog. I picked winners this morning.

First Place - Willow
Second Place - Val

I'm waiting to hear what books they pick as their prizes. I want to try and have some kind of a contest for the Christmas holiday. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

As for now - back to edits!