Friday, December 12, 2008

The Mating Moon by Buffy Christopher

Ivy knows that as a female Were-tiger, finding a mate is supposed to be her top priority. But life is busy conspiring to get in the way. Traumatized by a recent attack by a man from her past, her darkest secret is coming back to haunt her, and she fears he won’t stop until she’s dead. As if that weren’t enough, Ivy has other problems. She and her tiger side aren’t exactly friends and her brother is trying to set her up on a blind date for the full moon. How can she control her tiger during the full moon when she’s more concerned about being killed?

45K words

Ivy and Edge make a great couple. Edge is a perfect alpha male, but his sensitivity to Ivy's needs made him even more perfect! Ivy's journey to make peace with her past while learning to control her tiger side was one worth taking. I felt Ivy'e insecurities, her fear, and her joy right along with her. Edge was a true white knight (or white tiger, rather), but he didn't merely save Ivy - he gave her the courage to save herself.

This debut novel from Buffy Christopher is well worth reading - especially if you're a paranormal fan! Buffy has a great way with words, and her descriptions are so vivid, you think you're right there inside the story. And the love scenes! Not only were they hot, but full of emotion and tenderness as well.

A highly reccommended read from this avid paranormal reader!

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