Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Bad Boy Fantasy

My taste in men is a little...different. I usually go for the quirky guy, the funny guy, the sweet guy. Smart and nerdy turn me on as well. (I said I was different.)

I kind of march to my own beat when it comes to what I like. Even as a teenager, I never really fit in with the cliques. The things (and boys) that my friends liked hardly ever interested me.

I was a fan of the show 21 Jumpstreet back in the day. (I know, I just severely dated myself) But while everyone mooned over Johnny Depp, I fell for Peter Delouise.

That is, until I was introduced to Richard Grieco as Dennis Booker.

Black leather, motorcycle, chip on his shoulder the size of a small continent - I fell HARD. All those stereotypes about the bad boy completely sucked me in with one look into those sultry dark eyes. All my standards and reasoning skills were chucked right out the window with a good case of teenage hormones gone wild.

Of course, my Mother was scared silly. She could handle my crushes on the sweet nerdy guys. Suddenly, her little girl wanted a boyfriend with a motorcycle and a propensity for danger.

And Richard fit the bill to a T. I did the fan girl thing and wallpapered my room with his photos. I even sent him fan mail. (but I got a personally autographed photo back! SQUEE!)

Like all teenage girls, I moved on, but Richard remains my one and only bad boy crush. And even as an adult, he makes me weak in the knees - just a little.

Since I get to deal in fantasies as a writer, I believe my next hero might just have some bad boy qualities.

Who is your bad boy fantasy?

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Crystal-Rain Love said...

I never liked him. I was die-hard Johnny all the way ( - ;