Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow

Even though I've been unfocused lately, I've managed to read some excellent books!

Fantasy Quest by Tina Gerow is one of them!

Astiria Petrey wants nothing more than to lay on a sandy beach reading a good book at the exclusive Fantasy resort. Pestered by dumb jocks in tight shorts, Astiria decides to play the hotel’s role-playing computer game - Fantasy Quest. Only the game is more than she could ever imagine!

As soon as Astiria creates her perfect man—an online Warrior named Lerik, she is sucked through a portal to the mythical Verrath to meet him. There, Astiria must do battle against a host of trials.

If she is unable to succeed, Astiria becomes property of Marsoon, the Goblin King.

Accompanied by a real live gargoyle named Max, and Lerik, the sexy warrior she created from her wildest fantasies, Astiria must discover herself in order to not only win the game, but make her way back home.

Only then can she realize that true love awaits, if only she believes…

20K Words

I LOVED this book! I know so many gamers, and have even dabbled some myself, so I could relate so well!

Astiria is strong, yet vulnerable at the same time, having a bad history with men that keeps her at arm's length, sheilding her heart. And yet, she finds the inner strength to take a chance with Lerik, even though it turns out quite unexpectedly...

The world that Tina Gerow creates is fantastic, yet believable. I was completely sucked in at the start, and I want a purple gargoyle of my very own!

When a story elicits a pure emotional response, I know it's good. I laughed out loud at the snarky exchange between Lerik and his assistant elf. I shouted at the computer screen during the fight scenes. I even shed a tear or two.

I highly reccomend this book for anyone who likes a sassy story with lots of action, humor, and emotion. There's alot packed into it, and you won't be disappointed!

Go to and pick this one up! In fact, I think I might just go and read it again...

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