Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Beginnings...

Well, the past week has been a chaotic whirlwind that is also known as my life. I work in retail, so the day job has been CRAZY with all the Black Friday hubbub. And then I got an email that changed my writing world forever.

Sapphire Blue Publishing was closing it's doors.

I was devastated. They had five of my titles and I was hoping to spend the bulk of my career growing with them. Fortunately, the owners are authors themselves, and they understood how we would be feeling. So with no hesitation, they returned the rights to all of us, and even gave us the rights to the cover art!

So while I still have a release with Wild Rose Press, I have decided to re-release my first novel, Second Chances, on my own. Going it alone is kind of scary, but I believe in my book and it feels good to have total control over the process.

So without further ado, say hello (again) to the newest release from Christle Gray Books!

Gallery owner Kristin Shepherd is resigned to living a life on her own in London, England after losing her husband to cancer. That was before she met handsome Scottish actor David McDougal.

David swears the relationship with his fiancĂ©, Sophie Miller, is for public convenience only, but Kristin finds Sophie’s unwillingness to release her hold on David quite a complication to the chemistry that exists between them.

Within David’s dark eyes, will Kristin find the courage to trust enough to love again? And, are there such things as Second Chances?

Available from Smashwords and All Romance eBooks!

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