Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Bytes by Kimber An

Check out this new release from fellow YA author Kimber An!

Sweet Bytes

Ophelia’s escape from Martin, an Addicted Newblood, came at a terrible sacrifice.
Adrian, the boy she loves, is now infected and hunted like vermin.

As her new Protector, Tristan Li represents the Oldblood determination to destroy Adrian, along with all the Newbloods, addicted or not.

In her grief, Ophelia hates everything about Tristan, until his subtle strength empowers her to resist being turned into a vampire by the High Prefect.

As Tristan helps Ophelia harness her empathic ability, his need for redemption rings in her heart. Her own strength grows, along with her passion for freedom.

The veil of mourning lifts.

The evil of Martin returns.

Ophelia seizes ownership of her destiny.

Available NOW from Noble Young Adult!

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