Friday, March 11, 2011

Fool For Romance Contest!

It's that time of year again! Time to show how much of a fool you are for a happily ever after, and enter to win some great prizes, including a brand spanking new KINDLE!

Crystal-Rain Love has gathered a lovely group of authors to donate prizes. Visit Here for full details and the schedule. I am donating a copy of my Wild Rose Press release, Through Hell and High Water, and perhaps a few other items.

To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment here on the blog about what you are truly a fool for, when it comes to romance. Me, I'm a sucker for a hero that has a smart mouth and a sense of humor. Nothing is sexier than a guy that makes me laugh.

I'll pick a name from the commenters, and forward that on to Rain for entry into the grand prize drawing. And perhaps a few runner-up prizes as well...

So what are you waiting for?


Mark said...

A fool for in romance? In books, I like reading about women who are confident, intelligent, witty, and capable of handling themselves in tough situations. Probably why I enjoyed Evanovich and Hamilton's series.

I find it more romantic when the woman can take care of herself rather than having to rely on a man to save her. In that way, the book then defines who the woman is by what she can do and has done instead of being defined by who saves her.

Of course, romance has to have that falling into safe, strong arms/hands, but it can be as peers rather than as a semi-helpless woman. Everyone needs help at some point in their life, needs to feel safe, wants that comfort, and romance thrives on that. For me, though, I'd rather read about the confident woman and not the one that needs to be saved.

wv_mark (at) yahoo dot com

Jennifer said...

Hey Christle! :)

I'm a fool for a guy who is quiet and serious when out in public, but a sweetheart and goofball when he's home. A guy who doesn't have a temper, but does get jealous, and will get physical when he needs to.

Jennifer said...

OH, and this is Jen (SaturnMoonie) I guess I was signed on w/ the wrong account. Haha.

Sara Thompson said...

I agree with Mark - I much prefer when a woman can take care of herself. It's one of the reasons my favorite series right now is the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs.
I love fantasy too - falling in love with something magical or mystical. Something that would never happen in real life. I look forward to reading your books because they sound right up my alley - thank you for this contest. I am discovering authors I never would have otherwise.

willow said...

As far as the romance in books goes, I must say that I am currently on a historical fiction and paranormal kick. In historical fiction, I like the women who have some sort of tortured past (women of ill repute or widows) in the 1850-1920 eras. In paranormal, I like the whole gal is a human, guy is a faery/vampire/fallen angel thing.
In life, the man must be funny, smart, and caring. Everything my DH is!
bewitched dot 81 at hotmail dot com

Judy said...

I am a fool for Romance books of all kinds. My favorite is historicals and your shifters. Of course, a sexy man is a must, I also like the bad boys.


Caffey said...

Hi Christie! So good to go to your site from Crystals and see more I'd love to read! So I shall be going back to read more about your books. So nice to meet you!

Oh gosh, for me, with hubby as my soulmate, I love the hand in hand wherever we are, no matter the age. I just feel that awesome strength that he's with me all the time. So I'm a sucker for those little things too that mean lots!

cathiecaffey @

jenlowery said...

I tend to lean toward strong, silent, tormented heroes in my stories. Heroines need to be strong, independent, but not too much so. They must be a nice balance. Thanks so much for helping with the contest. It's been fun!

Kay V said...

It has been interesting meeting all these new authors through this contest- what a great idea!

rbooth43 said...

I wasn't a fool for romance at first,because I said I wouldn't date "that old bald-headed man". Then the next week, he asked me to dance at a Shin-dig. I danced with him and then married him four months later. We were happily married for 36 years before his death. I love reading about other's romances, but I had the best.
rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

Christle Gray said...

Thanks to everyone that commented! The lucky person who gets entered into the grand prize drawing is...Rebecca! Congrats!

There will be other contests on the horizon, so check back often!