Friday, November 5, 2010

NaNo Update and Contest!

So, I'm still writing. My brain hasn't rebelled enough to send me off in another direction. No shiny objects to steal my attention away...yet.

Word count so far:
November 3rd - 1618
November 4th - 984

I think that brings the total so far up to 4871. Not too bad. Still have to get in some today.

Now - on to the contest! I want to give thanks to everyone! So, from now through November 30th, you can enter to win free books!

One first place winner will win their choice of one of my books, and any other two titles from the Sapphire Blue Publishing catalog.

One second place winner will win their choice of one of my books.

Free e-books! What's not to love?

How to enter? Well the first and easiest way is to become a site member at my website
Don't worry, if you already are a member, you're entered without even trying! (wasn't that easy?)

If you'd like another entry, then leave a guestbook message, letting me know!

Want a third entry? Then become a follower of my blog! Again, if you're already a follower, you've already gained another entry!

On December 1st, I will pick two winners from all the entries.

Free books to give thanks!

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