Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Most Craziest Time of the Year

I'm a bit stressed. November flew by, and December is here. That means Christmas is now less than a month away.

I work in retail, so this time of year gets crazy at my day job. Our business doubles, even triples some days. I enjoy being busy, but keeping up with deadlines can be hectic! Not to mention, the orders get more complicated and take more time to do, since people like to give shadowboxes as gifts. I usually end up sewing and pinning things until I can't feel my fingertips!

I always have grand plans on things I want to give as gifts. I want to crochet scarves and hats, draw portraits, make jewelry. And yet, every year, I find myself scrambling to make things at the last minute, or breaking down and buying something instead.

Apparently, I suck when it comes to planning.

However, one present I am giving myself this year is the completion of a holiday short story, which Sapphire Blue has picked up for publication. I've always wanted to write a holiday story, but never forced myself to take the time for follow through. We are in the editing process, and hope to have it out later this month. I can't wait to see what they come up with for the cover!

I'll share more as the details come in!

And now, on to more craziness...


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