Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sexy Guys of Sci/Fi - David Tennant

I'm usually not one to theme-blog. But I noticed that alot of my fellow authors seem to have luck with a blogging hook. Plus - it keeps you blogging steadily.

And so, since I watch alot of science fiction, and am currently working on a sci fi story as well, I've decided to dedicate a monthly blog to the Sexy Guys of Sci/Fi. (any suggestions for future blogs will be greatly appreciated and considered.)

And who will be my pick for the month of July?

Why, my best and favorite sci fi star of the moment - David Tennant. (I know - big shocker, here)

David plays The Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who. He's had the role since 2005, and skyrocketed the show back into popularity with his portrayal. A classically trained actor, David was a childhood fan of the series and jumped at the chance to become a part of TV history.

Tenth in the line of a talented group of actors to play the part, David brings warmth, hilarity, and heart to the part of The Doctor, creating a character appealing to children and adults both.

For the first time in the series, David brought sexual tension to the mix between the Doctor and his various female companions, but never lost the essence of what The Doctor is about - taking life by the horns and becoming a better person for helping others.

The Doctor fights evil because he can, not because he craves glory or recognition. And he fights with brain power and science, teaching us to think before we do something destructive. He is enthralled with humanity, yet he is ultimately alone. The last of the time lords, The Doctor spans the universe, a lonely angel that burns in eternity.

David's doctor has been the most popular to date, winning various awards for his portrayal. Unfortunately, 2009 is his last year in the part, and he will pass the torch on to another actor that will carry the Doctor Who legacy into the future.

But David will always be my Doctor.

And the hero of my debut novel, Second Chances, bears quite the resemblance to this handsome Scot, with his dark hair, brown eyes, and kissable lips.

Go figure.

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