Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brain Block

As you can see, it's my day to blog. Trouble is, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to come up with anything interesting to say. Usually, inspiration will hit me Tuesday night when I'm trying to sleep.

Not this week.

I'm just too exhausted. My day job has been very busy. (I'm an art framer, btw.) The Department Manager was on vacation last week, so alot of stuff fell to me to take care of. I've also been training someone new because one of our framers left. And our corporate offices just handed down a new training protcol last month that we have to follow.

My brain's a mess, buzzing with price guides, color theory, order deadlines - etc. There's little room left for blogging inspiration, let alone writing inspiration. I'm one of those writers that does not work well when tired or pressed for time.

And so, I sit here and stare at the screen of my laptop, which mocks me with its emptiness. Forcing the issue doesn't help either. The stuff that comes out when I make myself write under duress is pretty much crap.

What to do? I think I'll zone out for a few. Maybe read a book. Listen to music. Refresh and reset the noggin.

Then I'll try again later.

More relaxed me = better writing.

Have a good one!

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