Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thankful For...What?

I've been a lazy blogger lately.

My brain hasn't been able to process much beyond my day job and life's errands. I think alot of it has to do with how the world has put everyone on an emotional roller coaster as of late.

The economy is so unpredictable, people are forever on edge, waiting for the perverbial other shoe to drop. In one instant, lives are altered by the decisions that corporate mongers make - downsizing, paycuts, hiring freezes. And some corporations are even instituting stricter rules and regualtions, or piling on more work to employees, because they know that options for them are limited.

You never know what might happen next. Big decisions carry even more weight than before, because you never know if you'll have a job from one day to the next. Statistics even say that most American families are only three paychecks away from bankruptcy.

Yet, through it all, I continually here the plattitude "well, you should be thankful you at least have a job for the moment."


Have we really come to the point that we have to be thankful for the opportunity to be miserable? They always say that it could be worse. But dammit, I say that it could always be better!

These large companies are heading for a wakeup call, and it won't be pretty. American workers are growing tired of rising duties and expectations, with little praise or compensation for it. And they will find it exceptionally hard to market and sell their products without dedicated workers down the chain.

What will the CEOs manage for their millions, then?

Just some pessimistic meanderings.

Apparently, I'm growing jaded as I age...

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