Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Icy Abode

And so, today marks day two of the great ice storm of 2009. Another day pretty much trapped in my house. That's ok, because who would want to go out in this?

Back in 2003, we had another ice storm, but were highly unprepared for it. Back then, people were without power for days, even weeks. At least this time the power outages are fewer, though there are still people who have had to go to shelters.

There's a willow tree across the street that is looking pretty rough.

In 2003, it practically split down the middle from the weight of the ice. It made a horrible sound, like a house caving in. I hope it survives this time.

The icicles that are hanging off of my house and garage look deadly.

My husband is convinced that icicles are the perfect murder weapon. Deadly sharp, but then they melt away, leaving no evidence.

Disturbing, but true.

So, I will sit and marvel at the wonders of the weather. It's pretty now, but when it starts to melt it will become a slushy, brown mess.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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Crystal-Rain Love said...

Well, I'm in the same state and it looks the same here. Fortunately, I had the last two days of work off, but I'm expected to be at work at 8a.m. tomorrow. I don't think my employer has ever shut down for anything. There's a lot of areas over here with no power. They're saying it may be 7-10 days without power due to all the ice build-up on the power lines. My brother's yard is full of downed power lines... This is not good stuff. These two days were supposed to be "writing time" for me, but they've closed school for the week so you know I got nada done with the kiddos here. Poor kids. Thanks to this and the wind storm we had earlier that knocked out power for a week, they'll probably be in school through June!